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Fresh off the announcement that their next major conference will be held in Salt Lake City in 2015, the international conglomerate of anti-LGBT activists, the World Congress of Families, is preparing for a regional event in Melbourne, Australia on August 30. 

At least two high-level Australian politicians are set to participate in the one-day conference.  Victoria State Attorney-General Robert Clark is set to deliver a "welcome to Victoria" speech and Australia’s federal Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews will both open and close the conference.    Andrews is a longtime ally of the WCF and has served as an “ambassador” for the organization in Australia.  

Two Americans will also play a prominent role in the Melbourne gathering.  WCF managing director Larry Jacobs is scheduled to appear.  Jacobs is a long time backer of Russia’s law banning LGBT “propaganda.”  Jacobs called the repressive law a "great idea" that was preventing LGBT Russians from “corrupting children,” and praised Russia as the "Christian saviors to the world.”  Appearing alongside Jacobs is Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a New Jersey physician who believes that birth control is a “Molotov cocktail” of toxins and carcinogens for a woman’s body. 

The WCF has been working for years to block marriage equality in Australia and the group held a major summit in Sydney in May of 2013. Marriage equality legislation was defeated in the Australian parliament in 2010, and again in 2012. In 2013, the national government successfully challenged a marriage equality law passed in the Australian Capital Territory, invalidating the legal marriages of 27 same-sex couples in the process. 

Australian LGBT activists have reacted with shock to their elected representatives appearing in support of the World Congress of Families’ extreme anti-LGBT and anti-woman positions.  An online petition launched by advocate Ben Cooper urging the Victoria government to drop all ties to the WCF has already garnered more than 3,000 signatures. 

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