There's an ugly side to this year's Miss Universe pageant: It's going to be hosted in Moscow amid a widespread crackdown by the Russian government against LGBT Russians and pro-equality supporters.

Rather than lend Russia any credibility during the widely-watched competition, HRC is calling on Donald Trump, a co-producer of the show, to immediately move the pageant to a country that upholds basic human rights for all.

While Trump hasn’t exactly been a friend to LGBT people in the past, a public outcry last year over the unfair disqualification of transgender Miss Universe competitor Jenna Talackova led to her reinstatement in Canada's competition.

Together, we can get Trump to make the right call again, but we need to be loud and we need to be quick. Time is running out.

Just two days ago, the Miss Universe organization issued a statement against Russia's law calling it "diametrically opposed to the core values of our company."

Pulling the pageant from Russia over its repressive law will send a very clear message not just to Russia, but to the entire world: Discrimination is wrong and fair-minded Americans won't stand for it.

The Miss Universe Organization has responded to public demands for equal treatment before. Join HRC in calling on Donald Trump to move the Miss Universe pageant from Russia to a country with greater respect for human rights.

HRC is proud to participate in the Global Day of Action on Russia on September 3. Calling on the Miss Universe Organization to make things right is one way we're helping build pressure on all fronts.

We can’t let Russia pass such a hate-fueled law and then turn around and reap the benefits of hosting this international competition. Join the fight now.

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