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Catholics have spoken: sexual abuse is the Church’s most important problem, not marriage equality.  
In a survey released by the Pew Research Center, 34 percent of U.S. Catholics cited the scandal over sexual abuse by clergy as the Church’s most important issue. Sexual orientation and marriage equality came in at just two percent.

Despite reports that the majority of Catholics support marriage equality, the Hierarchy continues to pour time and money into discrimination. During the last election cycle, the Church Hierarchy funneled $2 million in an effort advance discrimination against LGBT people. Despite its losses at the ballot box, the Hierarchy doubled down on its anti-LGBT agenda.

Just last December, the Catholic Conference of Illinois released a "toolkit" to explain why exactly the Roman Catholic hierarchy feels so strongly about discriminating against LGBT people. The document repeatedly made it clear that same-sex couples are viewed less-than and somehow inferior to families headed by one mother and one father. The document also continues to ignore scientific evidence that same-sex couples make good parents who provide loving, nurturing upbringings for children.
Pew's recent study only further highlights the disconnect between the fair-minded Roman Catholic laity and the vehemently anti-LGBT Church hierarchy.
To learn more about the Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy’s devotion to fighting marriage equality, visit

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