Exxon; LGBT equalityTomorrow is Exxon's annual shareholder meeting – and it's a chance to show that its anti-equality policies are outdated, harmful, and just plain wrong.

Because there's no federal non-discrimination law to protect Exxon's LGBT employees, they're left vulnerable to the company's anti-LGBT bias. In fact, it remains legal in 29 states to discriminate based on sexual orientation, and in 34 states to do so based on gender identity or expression.

Now, a brave legal complaint from the equality advocates at Freedom to Work has opened the door to new action against Exxon.

In the complaint filed under Illinois' non-discrimination statute, Freedom to Work asserts that Exxon received two identical job applications. The only difference? One had higher grades and an equality activist background.

Just guess which applicant allegedly got invited for an interview...

But this problem isn't new. More than a decade ago, Mobil banned discrimination based on sexual orientation and offered health benefits to domestic partners of its employees. But once Exxon acquired Mobil, these policies got reversed.

HRC has been urging Exxon to change course for years. It's the ONLY company ever to receive a negative score in our Corporate Equality Index.

While we fight for federal policies that protect LGBT Americans for workplace discrimination, we have no choice but to go company by company, striving for fair practices.

Tell Exxon: Clean Up Your Anti-Equality Act Now.

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