Tegan and Sara are the latest of a cadre of musicians to take a stand in support of marriage equality and the Human Rights Campaign. Today HRC is proud to announce that the Canadian indie-pop duo have signed on as members of the Equality Rocks campaign.

Equality Rocks is a public engagement campaign featuring prominent musicians - both American and international - who support LGBT equality.

Tegan and Sara are longtime advocates for LGBT equality. Most recently, the Canadian indie-pop duo performed at a benefit concert for HRC in Long Island, NY. The band played a 45-minute set combining music from both their most recent album and older chart-toppers, including Back in Your Head.

To find out more about those who rock for equality, including Florence Welch, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, CSS, Animal Collective and Phoenix, visit www.hrc.org/equalityrocks

And tune into HRC on Spotify to listen to more from the musicians and artists who support equal rights for LGBT Americans.

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