Post submitted by Jane WothayaThirikwa, HRC Global Engagement Fellow
tasmanian flagTasmania’s efforts for attainment of same-sex marriage failed for the second time, after a bill failed to pass the state’s upper house. The re-introduction of the same-sex marriage bill was made by independent member Ruth Forrest, but was defeated by 8 votes to 6.
Just last week, the federal government challenged the validity of the Australia Capital Territory's (ACT) marriage equality law, which was passed last Tuesday, with the court hearings beginning last Friday. The government alleges that the law is in violation of the Commonwealth Marriage Act and the Family Law Act.
Tasmania was the first Australian state to move forward on same-sex marriage last year when a bill was passed in the Lower House but was blocked by two votes in the Upper House. The island state off mainland Australia decriminalized homosexuality in 1997.
In April, the country’s parliament removed a ban on same-sex adoption allowing couples to be assessed for adoption in the same way that heterosexual couples are.

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