LGBT Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Conference in ShanghaiThis week, friend of the HRC Workplace Program, Steven Paul Bielinski conducted the first everLGBT Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Conference in Shanghai.  Shanghai LGBT Professionals welcomed 120 business leaders and LGBT employees from more than 100 local and international companies to break the silence on issues from LGBT non-discrimination in China.

"In 2014, more than 300 firms earned a top score of 100 percent from HRC's Corporate Equality Index, but these same companies in China are just now starting to realize the importance of diverse and inclusive LGBT workplaces and the market potential gay and lesbian consumers represent," said Bielinski, founder of Shanghai LGBT Professionals.

The HRC Workplace Equality Program has expanded its guidance to businesses on global LGBT inclusion and will be working formally this year with Shanghai LGBT Professionals to translate the amazing work of CEI businesses abroad.

In the 2016 CEI, businesses will be graded on the global consistency of their LGBT-inclusive workplace protections.

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