Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Officials at Texas's La Feria High School want to stop Jeydon Loredo, a male student, from being featured in the yearbook wearing his tuxedo like every other boy, simply because he’s transgender.

Not only is the school’s action a reprehensible act of discrimination, it is a direct violation of its very own policies – and federal law.

Jeydon’s friends and family have sprung into action, reaching out to HRC President Chad Griffin to help bring the discriminatory decision to light and ensure that Jeydon can appear in the school’s yearbook wearing the same thing as his fellow senior men.

HRC has brought in the Southern Poverty Law Center as a partner in this effort, and they have appealed the decision to the school board on Jeydon’s behalf.

The school officials’ actions set a dangerous precedent of condoning anti-LGBT vitriol.

Join us in calling on the La Feria School Board to take decisive and clear action:Let Jeydon's tuxedo photo appear in the yearbook.

The deck is already stacked against LGBT students, who face higher rates of bullying and harassment at school, and the La Feria School Board has the opportunity to set an example of tolerance and inclusion.

Join us in standing with Jeydon now.

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