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Colorado flagLast month, the Colorado State Senate, passed SB-11, the Civil Union Act. A similar bill passed the Senate in 2012 and now with supportive leadership in the House, the chances of passage are much more likely. Tomorrow the House Appropriations Committee will consider and vote on the bill, the last step before SB-11 heads to the House floor for a final vote.
Passage of SB-11 will provide protections to gay and lesbian couples in every corner of Colorado, including so many loving families who deserve the same security and legal recognition as everyone else.

With a new pro-equality majority in the state House under the leadership of openly gay Speaker Mark Ferrandino, prospects for the legislation are improved this year.
Last week, we shared the story of Jason and Jason's adoption process at Adoption Options, an All Children-All Families-recognized leader in supporting and serving LGBT families. For Jason and Jason, an Adoption Options family, a civil unions law would  mean their relationship will finally be recognized in the state they call home and will provide instant protections for their family, including son, Jacobb.
You can watch their interview with ABC and learn more about their story here.
"Our family makes perfect sense to our son," said Jason C. Hopefully soon, with the help of this bill to institutionalize a change in attitude, all families will make "perfect sense" in Colorado.
We encourage all Coloradans to contact their state representatives in support of civil unions and families like Jason and Jason's. Send a message to your state representative now.

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