Call it Out; HRCPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

We told you yesterday about a Colorado pastor who took to the airwaves and declared that the nation’s “embrace of homosexuality” stands to “destroy society…destroy lives…destroy families, we’ll destroy everything.”

Now, we need you to take action to counter Pastor Dave Buehner’s anti-LGBT rhetoric. Send a message that this kind of hate is unacceptable, and does not represent the beliefs of the vast majority of people of faith.

Speaking on his ‘Generations Radio’ show on Monday, Buehner compared embracing LGBT equality to a petulant child challenging their parent: “…if you tell your daughter, your beautiful daughter, ‘Hey, don’t put your hand on the hot stove.’ She can look at that and say, ‘My dad’s a tyrant, he won’t give me liberty to put my hand on the hot stove.’ The fact of the matter is if she puts her hand on the hot stove, bad things will happen. God’s law is like that. God’s law will tell us that if we do things that are bad, bad things will happen. If we put our hands on the stove, we’ll get burned. If we embrace homosexuality, we’ll destroy society, we’ll destroy lives, we’ll destroy families, we’ll destroy everything.”

In attempting to link the nationwide growing support for marriage equality to mass shootings, Buehner has said: “The liberals are proposing that we as a nation follow a kinder, gentler flavor of rebellion against God. They’d like a rebellion that stops a little short of murdering kindergartners. They want the rebellion that involves gay marriage; they want the rebellion that embraces rape rap and abortion and a media that is in utter defiance against the law of God.”

Polling shows that an astounding 86 percent of Christians polled say they reject discrimination against LGBT people precisely because the principles of their faith compel them to do so. That same poll, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, found that 70 percent of people felt it did more harm than good when religious leaders like Pastor Buehner speak out against LGBT people.

Listen to a recording of Buehner’s remarks and take action now at

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