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Aiding in the ongoing talks and debates about marriage equality in Southeast and East Asia, more than 1,200 Taiwanese people joined in on a public mock wedding held in Taipei on Saturday. The much-publicized event aimed to gather support for the same-sex marriage equality bill that will soon be presented in the Taiwanese Parliament mid-September session.
Visitors and onlookers were delighted when the traditional ceremonies were performed along with live performances and video messages of support from known celebrities. Taiwan’s China Post, a leading newspaper, came out strongly in support on Sunday with an editorial addressed to citizens requesting their company for “this one-of-a-kind celebration that will highlight the amendments proposed by the Taiwan Alliance to promote Civil Partnership Rights.”
Activists have been working with researchers and legal advisors for the last three years on these proposed amendments to the Taiwanese Civil Code, and have finally prepared their case for the parliament. Taiwan happens to be a comparatively liberal society when it comes to LGBT rights compared to its neighbors in East Asia, but LGBT friendly policies have faced a little resistance from religious Christian groups.
This has been the year for marriage equality, with Uruguay, Brazil, France, and New Zealand joining the ever growing list of countries with laws allowing same-sex marriages.

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