Sweet Gifts, Sweet Hearts

HRC t-shirt; red logoPost submitted by Bryce Romero, HRC Consumer Marketing Coordinator

As marriage equality continues to spread across the country, this Valentine’s Day let us celebrate love and equality.

HRC is unveiling a new sweet design just in time for the season of love. The perfect gift for that special someone in your life, HRC’s Sweetheart T-Shirt and Sweatshirt feature a heart formed by HRC’s ubiquitous red logo equal sign – 2013’s Symbol of the Year.

HRC t-shirt; red logoMaterialized on vintage machinery for an extra soft touch, the Sweetheart T-Shirt is eco-friendly. Made in America, the Sweetheart Sweatshirt is constructed of 100% cotton for a cozy fit.

When you and your sweetheart wear HRC merchandise, you say, without even speaking a word, that you believe all love is equal. 

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