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For the first time ever, the Vatican is asking for broad based input on key family life issues, including same-sex marriage and the needs of same-sex headed households, in preparation for a Synod on the Family to be held next October. 

While national bishops’ conferences across the globe have taken this opportunity to reach out to laity through widespread polling, the U.S. Bishops’ Conference has signaled it will leave it up to local bishops to determine “the most useful way of gathering information to provide to Rome.” In response to the U.S. bishops’ inaction, 15 progressive Catholic organizations, including the Equally Blessed coalition, have taken up the mantle to ensure the voices of Catholic LGBT individuals and their families are heard loud and clear.

If you're Catholic, we strongly urge you to participate by taking the survey now in English or in Spanish, and sharing it with family and friends. Please also pass along to your Catholic friends.  Results will be gathered until December 15.  Sharing your input is the first step in what will be broader efforts to make issues of LGBT people and our families prominent in the Synod.

Since his ascendance earlier this year, Pope Francis has made headlines time and time again with his tolerant and heartfelt proclamations—on issues ranging from LGBT equality, to gender equality, to a dedication to serving the poor. 

Most recently, Pope Francis made it clear that he intended that a tolerant message be applied to all lesbian and gay people within the Church, not just priests and members of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy.

As HRC has previously noted, the vast majority of lay Catholics in the U.S. support LGBT equality. A recent poll from New York Times/CBS News found that more than six in ten American Catholics support equal marriage, compared to 53 percent of the country as a whole. Despite this broad support among the laity, last year the Church hierarchy was one of the biggest investors in anti-LGBT campaigns in the United States—spending nearly $2 million in the failed attempts to write discrimination into the Minnesota constitution and stem marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

To learn more about HRC’s Religion and Faith Program which seeks to engage all faith traditions in a deeper dialogue on questions of fairness and equality for LGBT Americans, visit http://www.hrc.org/issues/religion-faith

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