One Colorado, pathway to marriagePost submitted by Jon Monteith, Communications Director of One Colorado, a state organization working to secure and protect fairness and equality for LGBT Coloradans and their families. Jon is a former HRC staffer.

Just a few weeks ago, One Colorado, the state’s leading advocacy organization for LGBT Coloradans and their families, launched our Pathway to Marriage Survey– aimed at seeking the input of Coloradans as we work to move from civil unions to marriage equality in our state.

This survey is part of a broader conversation that our community is just beginning – a conversation on what exactly it’s going to take to build a campaign of the size and scale that will make marriage a reality for all Colorado families.

If you’re one of HRC’s many incredible supporters across the state of Colorado, we want to hear from you – just click here and take a minute to offer your thoughts and let us know how you will help lay the groundwork for victory.

The responses provided to this survey are critical. Over the coming months, we'll be presenting them at town hall meetings across the state – as we hit the road to engage supporters of equality, discuss what’s at stake, and plot the path forward.

We are working to build a smart and strategic campaign to win marriage equality in Colorado. We are dedicated to making sure that we have a reasonable expectation of success when we go to the ballot to overturn our state’s constitutional ban on marriage equality and open marriage to all loving and committed Colorado couples.

We know also that in every state that has secured marriage equality, success required tremendous energy and resources: millions of dollars to build a winning ground game, and tens of thousands of volunteers having hundreds of thousands of conversations with voters statewide – about why marriage matters to our families.

In other words, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. By filling out our survey here, you can help us better determine the collective commitment to the fight ahead.

Together, working hand in hand, we are going to make this happen. We will secure the freedom to marry for all loving, committed couples across our state – and your support brings us one step closer to that critical goal. So join the fight and click here to let us know how you’ll help make history in Colorado!

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