HRC CapitolNext week, the Supreme Court will hear two historic cases – one challenging the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the other challenging California's infamous marriage ban, Proposition 8.

Years of campaigning against these two discriminatory laws come down to this moment.

And we're not letting it pass us by. As America's attention focuses on these historic cases, we're working overtime to focus the national conversation about these hateful laws' impact on loving families.

To fuel our media and public education campaign, we're collecting views and opinions from members and supporters like you – straight and LGBT alike.

Take our QUICK survey and share your thoughts on how DOMA and marriage bans have affected you or people you know.

The court's rulings on these cases will be historic. The Prop. 8 decision could bring marriage equality back to California and potentially to other states as well. The DOMA ruling could grant all lawfully-married same-sex couples the same federal rights and benefits of marriage that straight couples have. Or, we could be left with the status quo.

And we don't have much time. Oral arguments are next week, and the court will likely rule by June. Right now, it's critical for us to hear about the everyday effects of these anti-gay laws on people like you – either because you've been touched by discrimination yourself, you've seen loved ones affected, or you simply know that any law specially designed to exclude and discriminate is one that must be overturned.

Listening to our members and supporters is an incredibly important part of our work.

Your input will help harness this moment to educate all Americans about the struggles same-sex couples still face. You'll also help us determine how best to respond to any of the possible outcomes at the Supreme Court.

As HRC's tireless work for equality continues, we need your story and voice to make our case even stronger. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.

Please, take a few minutes to share your opinions in our brief online survey.

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