DC CapitolPost submitted by Iowa resident and HRC supporter Josh

Earlier this year, I lent my support for Senator Mark Udall (D-CO), a pro-equality candidate, through HRC’s online fundraising campaign. As a full-time college student who is working at a fast-food restaurant this summer, I don’t necessarily have a lot of income to spare. However, I decided to donate $5. That way I am able to help support a cause that I believe in, but it won’t break the bank.

Although I don’t identify as LGBT, I have a number of family and friends who do. It is because of them that I identify as an ally who believes we should support candidates who are working to make a difference for the LGBT community. Efforts to fully protect and fully include LGBT people still require plenty of groundwork, both in our communities and in Congress. Therefore, I chose to make a donation to a candidate that, like myself, believes our laws should not discriminate against any couple who wishes to get married.

Join me and other HRC supporters in lending a hand in the fight for equality. Contribute now to pro-equality candidates to represent our voices.

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