summer camp for gender nonconforming youthPost submitted by Joyce Wu, HRC Communications Intern:

Each summer for the last several years, a group of parents has been running a four-day-long camp for their gender nonconforming children.

Campers participate in both traditional camp activities like outdoor games and programming that is targeted specifically toward them, like a pageant show.

Gender nonconforming children - such as those assigned male who prefer to present in traditionally feminine ways by wearing makeup, dresses and high heels - can face difficulties when socializing with more gender conforming peers.

The father of one camp attendee, for example, told ABC that school “has not been terrible” for his son, “but it’s definitely a challenge.”

The camp gives its attendees the opportunity to present however they choose without the limitations imposed by the norms of the social spaces they usually inhabit.

New York-based photographer Lindsay Morris has been documenting the goings-on of the camp for the last three years. You can view her online portfolio here.

Photo (c) Lindsay Morris

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