LGBT volleyball playerPost submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

By coming out publicly in the past few weeks, basketball stars Brittney Griner and Jason Collins have inspired countless LGBT youth across the country with new courage to pursue their dreams.

Taylor Edelmann, a senior captain of the Purchase College volleyball team in Purchase, NY, is helping blaze a similar trail for transgender student athletes.

In a new USA Today profile, Edelmann talks about how his gender identity didn’t match the female body he was born with, and how volleyball provided an outlet to channel his frustrations:

"It was something consistent every single day, that even if the day was awful and I felt uncomfortable, it was something I pretty much had complete control over. I could kind of put all my stress into my body and getting better at the game."

After playing a semester of women’s volleyball at Purchase, Edelmann disclosed his true gender identity to his friends, family and administrators, began hormone therapy, and made a smooth transition to the men’s volleyball team. He was voted co-captain for his senior year.

Check out the complete profile here.

You can find HRC’s Transgender Visibility Guide– a resource with advice on disclosing your gender identity to family and friends – as well as a host of other transgender healthcare, parenting, and employment guides here.

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