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Earlier this week in Minnesota, Natasha Frost and Tony Friesen took the opportunity at their wedding to make a statement in support of same-sex marriage.

When the time came for the traditional “tossing of the bouquet,” Frost instead handed the flowers to her sister Nitara Frost and her partner Tabatha Trahan, and implored her guests to take action in support of marriage equality.

The couple exchanged vows seven years ago and have five children together, though they cannot legally wed under Minnesota law.

“When Tony asked me to marry him I was so excited because I got to say yes and have a big celebration,” said Natasha. “I wanted to give them the bouquet in the hopes that Minnesota lawmakers will actually recognizes the right for everyone to marry in Minnesota and we’re hoping that happens this year so we can celebrate the final sister’s wedding.”

HRC is hard at work to bring marriage equality to the state. We’re a proud board member of Minnesotans United, which has built an impressive coalition across party lines and with hundreds of organizations from across the state and country to work together to pass marriage equality in 2013.



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