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Love is in the air, and HRC is so pleased to join you in celebrating the love in your life this Valentine’s Day!

Whether they’ve weathered a superstorm like Shane & Josh or weathered the years like Schon & Deborah, couples continue to inspire us with their moving stories of love winning out. New Share Your Love stories are coming in each day, so be sure to head over to to read more and submit your own.

Shane & Josh

Shane & JoshAfter being together for the past 6 years, we flew from Ohio to NYC this past October to join our lives in marriage. We landed the day before hurricane Sandy hit, walked 4 miles against the hurricane winds and rain to get the license, and spent the next 2 days in the hotel. Unable to marry in the city due to flooding we waited 5 hours to rent a car and drove 3 hours away to get married. Halloween was always our anniversary and that was the day we were getting married! Nothing was going to stop our love!

Schon & Deborah

Schon & DeborahWe met 31 years ago when Schon was doing Drag King shows in Minneapolis, MN. We saw each other at mutual friends parties and in 1988 started dating and had a commitment ceremony in 1989. We have been together for 24 years, In 2005, we sold the farm (literally) in Minnesota and moved to California. Schon is a forensic psychologist and PHD candidate. I am a retired social worker and currently writing and homemaking. We are a prefect balance for each other; Schon calm and logical while I am kinetic and emotional. Together we are simply happy.

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