Share Your Love; Valentine's DayPost submitted by Eric Cameron, HRC Digital Media Specialist

We continue to feature your moving stories of love and commitment with Share Your Love, our interactive Valentine’s Day campaign.

Celebrate the love in your life by submitting a photo today. We’ll continue to update the page each day with new stories like the ones below.

Kathy & Jenn

Kathy & Jenn; Share Your Love; Valentine's DayWe both never thought love at first sight or finding your soul mate were possible. But we met, we fell in love at first sight & we've been inseparable ever since that day. Now the only thing that keeps us apart is her present deployment. But no matter what the distance we remain inseparable because our hearts are always connected.

Pastor Darrell & Pastor Marshan

Pastor Darrel & Pastor Marshan; Share Your Love; Valentine's DayPastor Marshan and I met at City of Refuge United Church of Christ as I was completing my doctoral work at San Francisco Theological Seminary. He was a visiting minister the same Sunday I arrived in California and we immediately connected. I am so privileged to be legally married to a man of God who wants to collectively serve all of God's people. Together we pastor Liberation United Church of Christ in Seattle where we continue to remind people of God's love and acceptance of all of who and what we uniquely are!

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