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Participate in workshops with some of the most innovative leaders in the LGBTQ youth advocacy community. HRC’s Time to THRIVEconference to promote LGBT youth safety, inclusion, and well-being will include more than fifty workshops. Here are six sessions you won't want to miss:

Enhancing Resiliency Among LGBT Youth

David Bond, the Program Director of The Trevor Project, will be hosting a workshop that focuses on resiliency among LGBT youth. He will be examining the ways in which a youth’s senses of sociability and confidence influence their self-perception. By focusing on the ways in which a youth’s understanding results in either resiliency or vulnerability, Bond will demonstrate how to identify LGBTQ youth who may be at a higher risk for crisis.

Unheard Voices: Integrating LGBT history, people, and events into middle and high school curricula

To combat the lacking presence of LGBT people in school curricula, Beth Yohe, Director of Training and the Anti-Defamation League, will be hosting a workshop focused on promoting LGBT history through the classroom. The Anti-Defamation League, in collaboration with GLSEN and StoryCorps, has developed Unheard Voices, a project aimed at developing an LGBT inclusive curriculum. Unheard Voices incorporates an online oral history designed to help educators integrate LGBT history, people, and issues into their classrooms. Yohe’s workshop will consist of an interactive session, helping to teach participants how to maintain anti-bias education principles in their classrooms.

Asking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Why & How

Jama Shelton, Director of True Colors’ Forty to None Project, along with Andre Wade, Supervisor of Community Partnerships and Engagement at the Clark County Department of Family Services, will be hosting a workshop dedicated to helping participants better understand how to help LGBTQ youth identify. Through an interactive workshop, Shelton and Wade will demonstrate the importance of asking questions about sexual orientation and gender identity, and the resulting openness and acceptance that can come from doing so in a positive way. They will discuss how to identify barriers to asking questions about identity, and help participants to develop the tools necessary to assist in the implementations of these questions.

Out of the Closet and Into the Classroom: Tough Choices

Connie Cordovilla and Pat Crispino of the American Federation of Teachers will be discussing the factors surrounding the decision of educators and youth-serving professionals to disclose information about their sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace. They will explore the various methods of support that exist within this issue, and the resulting consequences of engaging in such a choice.

Working Together to Help LGBTQ Students Thrive: A Dialogue with the NEA

Organized by the National Education Association, the nation’s largest public education employees union, leaders Paul Sathrum, Princess Moss, and Frank Burger will provide an opportunity for Time to THRIVE participants to discuss the skills they learned throughout the conference and how they can apply them to school settings. Participant responses will then be taken into consideration for future LGBTQ advocacy done by the National Education Association.

Innovative Strategies for Addressing LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

Jama Shelton, Director of the True Colors Fund’s Forty to None Project, will be examining the issue of LGBTQ youth homelessness and methods to preventing and ending it. She will explore both proactive and reactive strategies regarding the issue, and help conference participants develop their own strategies to implement in their communities.


Don’t forget to register online to join HRC in Las Vegas from February 14 to 16.

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