Post submitted by Mitchell Scuzzarella, HRC Digital Media Intern

Out4Citizenship has started a campaign to tell the stories of LGBT immigrants and families affected by the current immigration system.

For those living with discrimination due to undocumented status and anti-LGBT bias, immigration reform that addresses both communities is needed. An estimated 267,000 undocumented LGBT immigrants live in the United States today, and Out4Citizenship wants to know how the current immigration system has affected them personally.

If you identify as LGBT and have been impacted by immigration law, detained in immigrant detention or are seeking asylum, share your story to educate others about the need for immigration reform.

HRC previously partnered with Out4Citizenship back in April during debates about immigration reform, and asked supporters to sign a pledge advocating an LGBT-inclusive policy on the national level.

Tell Out4Citizenship how immigration policy has personally affected you and share your story here.

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