Post submitted by Kellie Rohrbaugh, HRC field coordinator in Missouri

Missouri FlagSenator John Danforth has served the state of Missouri for decades. He is a trusted and respected republican leader. In an incredible op-ed in the St. Louis Post Dispatch yesterday, he suggests that in Missouri it's not ok to discriminate against people because of who they are.  He supports this with thoughtful comments about personal and business experiences enriched by diversity.

Senator John Danforth writes: 

"The question of principle is simple: whether in Missouri it is OK to discriminate against people because of who they are. For people of color and for women, the answer is no. It is against the law to fire a person or to deny an apartment because he is black or she is female. Many people think that this is and should be equally the case for gays and lesbians. It is not. For gay citizens of our state, there is no such protection under state and federal law... 

The founding principle of America is that all of us are created equal. Two key words in the Declaration of Independence are “created” and “equal.” When the subject is how we are created, our innate make-up, we are all the same. America’s history has been the struggle to make good on this founding principle, for race, for gender and now for sexual orientation. The principle of equality is so basically American that it alone is sufficient to compel passage of MONA."

While I continue to hope that the legislature will do the right thing, I'm certain that Missouri is moving forward. Support for the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act is not partisan.  Out elected officials understand the economic and business sense of banning discrimination in housing, accommodation and the workplace, and many agree with the Senator's belief that MONA is in the best tradition of America.
Stay tuned to the HRC blog as we continue to follow this story. 

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