Post submitted by Adrian Matanza, Former HRC Regional Field Director

Late last night, after over ten hours of deliberation, the Hawaii State House of Representatives, in a procedural second reading of SB1 HD1, the Marriage EqualityAct of 2013, voted 30 to 18 with 3 excused, to proceed on a third and final vote, which could happen as early as Friday.

You may recall, SB1 was overwhelmingly and quickly approved by the State Senate last week. The House committees on Judiciary and Finance heard 55 hours of testimony, over the course of five days then amended and passed SB1 HD1 late last night. Today, over eight harmful amendments were introduced yet voted down, thanks to our amazing allies in the House.

With this successful second reading, exactly 48 hours must pass before the House can consider a third and final reading of the bill. The bill then must head back to the Senate where the chamber must agree to the House’s amendments.

While this is a major hurdle in the work towards marriage equality in Hawaii, there are several more steps and HRC is on the ground, working alongside Hawaii United for Marriage to finally bring marriage equality to the Aloha State.

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