savedade transequality rallyOn Sunday September 22, Elizabeth Fernandez, Brian Bosserman and Jennifer Taylor participated in a Transequality Faith Rally with SaveDade at Bayfront Park in Miami. It was a fantastic event where people of faith and faith leaders, joined together in support of transgender people in Miami Dade County.

Traditionally, people of faith are assumed to be people with a tremendous bias against the LGBT community.  Surprisingly, not all people who go to a church or a synagogue are against people who are LGBT. In fact, at the Transequality Faith Rally, participants who worship in vastly different ways, all joined as one in support of transgender inclusion and transgender identity here in Miami Dade County.

HRC and SaveDade joined forces with people of faith and leaders of faith to make a bold public statement against transgender discrimination. Seven news outlets and dozens of people from churches and synagogues raised their voicestogether. Jennifer Taylor, HRC Diversity/ Political Subcommittee member, gave a speech and challenged Miami government leaders to “knock down the domino of discrimination against transgender people and to start a toppling effect in favor of transgender housing, healthcare and employment rights.”

savedade transequality rallyThe transgender community has come under attack in recent days due in part, to a campaign launched by the Christian Family Coalition. The propaganda is as horrific as it is offensive not only to transgender people, but also to people of faith. People who worship here in the Miami area want our community and all transgender people to know with a resounding “Amen!” that the negative ad campaigns against them and transgender people are bunk.

“Amen” Against Discrimination from a Mother and other Spiritual Leaders

Spiritual leaders spoke in support of transgender people and even a mom raised her voice proudly. Signs were displayed and the crowd cheered as people preached for the “T” in LGBT. The rally was a success on many fronts and hopefully, it will influence Miami elected officials to reconsider the propaganda they have seen. People of faith and leaders of faith refuse to allow transgender people to be degraded and denied rights here in Miami Dade.

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