San Antonio City Council Member Elisa Chan, who made headlines in August after video leaked of her making horrific anti-LGBT comments while discussing a nondiscrimination ordinance with her staff, has her sights set on the Texas Senate.
After the San Antonio Express-News broke the story with audio of Chan’s true feelings of homophobia and transphobia, pressure mounted calling for the Councilwoman’s resignation.  
However, Chan’s resignation may not prove to be a victory for the LGBT community. Should Chan be elected to the State Senate, she would given both the power and the opportunity to enact wide-reaching harm on the LGBT community.

Whether its as a Councilwoman or a State Senator, Elisa Chan’s words have consequences. Anti-LGBT vitriol creates a toxic environment that can make LGBT people – particularly youth – think that they are unworthy of the same dignity that all Americans deserve.  In fact, 60% of youth in a groundbreaking HRC survey report hearing negative messages about being LGBT from elected leaders.

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