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This week, same-sex couples in seven counties in Mississippi filed out-of-state marriage licenses into chancery court land record – couples were barred from filing in one coastal county, according to LGBTQ Nation.

Because Mississippi does not recognize marriage equality or out-of-state same-sex marriages, the move was largely a symbolic measure of public record.

HRC-supporters Joce Pritchett and Carla Webb of Jackson, Mississippi were one of 13 couples to participate. Pritchett and Webb have been together for 10 years and are currently raising two children together. In 2013, the couple married in Maine. 

“[Filing] doesn’t give us any rights that we didn’t already have,” Pritchett told the LGBTQ Nation. “It’s a way to force them to recognize that we exist.”

More than half of all LGBT people living in Mississippi are in committed relationships and the state has the highest percentage of LGBT people raising children of any state in the nation, according to HRC’s report on LGBT Mississippians.

It is for families like Joce and Carla’s that HRC is invested in Project One America, a comprehensive, multi-year campaign in Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas. Together, we will fight to secure the vital protections necessary for loving, committed couples and their families. 

HRC Mississippi is working to change hearts and minds, advance enduring legal protections, and build more inclusive institutions from the church pew to the workplace.

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