Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

On Wednesday Russia’s upper house of Parliament passed legislation banning the distribution of any materials thought to promote the LGBT community.

The bill, which passed the Federation House without a single opposing vote, will fine individuals up to 5,000 roubles ($152), officials 50,000 roubles (about $ 1,500) and companies up to 500,000 roubles (about $15,000) for pro-LGBT “propaganda.” Organizations that promote the LGBT community via the media or online will face a 90-suspension or face fines up to a million roubles.

The bill passed the State Duma earlier this month and now moves on President Vladimir Putin to be signed into law. 

A host of anti-LGBT incidents in Russia and the proposed propaganda law targeting LGBT individuals and allies has out Olympians worried about competing in 2014’s Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in Sochi Russia in February. 

It's time for the International Olympic Committee to send a clear message to President Putin that this bill MUST NOT become law. Send an urgent letter now to IOC President Jacques Rogge demanding that he take action against discrimination now. Take Action Now. 

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