After the notorious hate group Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) announced a protest at Panic! At the Disco’s concert Sunday, the rock bank turned to Twitter to fight back against the anti-LGBT rhetoric.

To WBC’s disappointment, only 13 protestors showed up to the concert in Kansas City, Missouri.

With a meager 13 protestors in attendance, the band took the campaign to the next level, opting to donate a total of $1000 towards the fight for equality, in addition to five percent of merchandise sales.

Undeterred, WBC sent a series of hateful tweets this morning, including an image of the band’s frontman Brendon Urie, with the words “Repent! Or Parish.”

By taking a stand against WBC, Panic! At the Disco has sent a powerful message to the millions of young fans across the world about the power of love and acceptance. HRC thanks Panic! At the Disco for starting a conversation and raising awareness against hate, homophobia and transphobia. 

Help HRC match Panic! at the Disco's donation. Take action now and we'll add your name to a thank you card for the band. 

Stay tuned for more from HRC and Panic! At the Disco, including a merchandise partnership in support of the fight for LGBT equality nationwide.

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