Robbie Rogers; L.A. Galaxy; ESPN The MagazineOut soccer star Robbie Rogers, currently of the L.A. Galaxy, was recently asked by ESPN The Magazine to write a letter to his 14-year-old self. In it, he focuses on reassuring his younger counterpart that though he may be starting to feel concern over his sexuality, it will get better.

He also offers himself some advice:

If there's any great advice I can give you, it's to find someone you can speak to about what you're feeling inside, someone you can trust who won't judge or expose you. Because you can't walk around with a burden like the one you're carrying. You've got to share this with somebody.

He goes on to assure 14-year-old Robbie that public opinion will become more acceptance of LGBT individuals and that, "...when the time is right, the day might come when you're ready to face the world as the beautiful person you truly are."

Rogers made news when he became the first openly gay male player to take the field as the member of a team in one of America’s major sports leagues. Since then, he’s spoken openly about his experiences in the closet and with coming out.

Coming out is a deeply personal process that takes a different form for each individual. HRC has produced resource guides that can help you with the coming out process, whether you are lesbian, gay, or bisexual, transgender or a straight ally to the LGBT community.

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