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Earlier this month Riley Roberts, an 18-year-old from Reno, Nevada, issued a heartfelt and tearful testimony in front of the State Assembly Committee in favor of marriage equality in the state.

As Riley noted in his testimony, his parents, Pamela Rogers and Gretchen Miller, have been together for 22 years, yet are denied recognition under state and federal law.

“My parents love, breathe, speak, feel pain, and most of all know that their love is more than any paper can do or say and that they’ll be together forever,” Roberts testified. “The idea of an opposition to equal rights just bewilders me.”  

Watch Riley's testimony below.

SJR13 passed the Nevada State Assembly by a vote of 27 to 14 last week, opening the door to marriage equality in the state. It will be reconsidering 2015 in the legislative session following a general election.

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