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An economic study shows that Hawaii stands to gain as much as $217 million in additional visitor spending in the 2014-2016 period should the state’s legislature pass marriage equality into law.
Additionally, the report by University of Hawaii economics professor Sumner La Croix shows that state and county tax revenues would increase by $10.2 million  during that period.
However, the report also warns that those dollars will disappear if lawmakers in the Aloha State delay a decision on marriage equality legislation.
“The benefits from pent-up demand for same-sex marriages are time dependent,” writes La Croix. “If Hawaii waits to adopt same-sex marriage, it will not realize these gains. They will be lost forever, diverted to other states that recognize marriage equality.”
Hawaii currently allows civil unions for same-sex couples, while thirteen states and the District of Columbia have full marriage equality. Read more on the report here.

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