LGBT undocumented adult immigrantsPost submitted by Eric Cameron, former HRC Digital Media Specialist

Two newly released reports from the Williams Institute at UCLA and the Center for American Progress estimate that at least 267,000 LGBT-identified adult undocumented immigrants are living in the United States today.

The comprehensive findings show that these LGBT undocumented adults are more likely to be male and younger; less likely to be Hispanic; and more likely to be Asian than the overall undocumented population.

The reports also estimate that there are 32,300 binational same-sex couples in the United States today. Under the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, U.S. citizens and residents are denied the right to sponsor their same-sex partners for family-based immigration.

A new Immigration Equality/Latino Decisions poll, also out today, shows overwhelming Latino support for LGBT provisions to be included in comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The poll shows that 64% of Latinos favor immigration reform that includes lesbian and gay binational couples. Support remains strong across faith lines among Latino Catholic and Evangelical voters.

Read the complete reports from the Williams Institute and the Center for American Progress and view their joint infographic on the LGBT undocumented here.

As the debate around comprehensive immigration reform continues to heat up, HRC is committed to ensuring that any legislation that moves forward is inclusive of LGBT immigrants and their families.

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