Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

An anti-LGBT campaign backed by the discriminatory National Organization for Marriage may have gathered the required number of signatures to potentially place California’s historic School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266) on the ballot in 2014.

Authorities in each of California's 58 counties must now work to confirm that the 620,000 signatures submitted for the anti-LGBT referendum are legitimate. 

To bolster support for repeal, the anti-LGBT coalition supporting the “Privacy of All Students” campaign employed scare tactics around “privacy” and fictitious stories of harassment to mislead the public and to conceal the referendum's true intension: to restrict the rights of transgender students.

In truth, the School Success and Opportunity Act addresses the exclusion of transgender students from classes and activities to ensure all students are provided the same opportunities. 

The law passed with the support of a broad coalition of education groups, including California Teachers Association, the California Federation of Teachers, the California Association of Schools Counselors and the California State PTA.

The HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools initiative is hard at work helping elementary schools in California and across the country become more inclusive.

For more resources on creating learning environments that allow all students to thrive, check out HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools project and the upcoming Time to Thrive conference.

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