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In a new feature, transgender punk rocker Laura Jane Grace – lead singer and guitarist of Against Me! – discusses the fears that kept her from expressing her true gender identity and the joys and support that have come with her first year living openly as a woman.

On coming out to her wife Heather:

I buried my head into her chest and explained that this was something I'd been struggling with all my life. I wasn't sure how Heather would take it. She said something like ‘That's all you were going to tell me?’ … She told me at that moment—and kept telling me—that she wasn't going anywhere.

On her first performance in a skirt:

Accomplishing small goals when transitioning has a cumulative effect. The confidence you gain from reaching one carries you to the next. Face your fears, I say, but choose the right skirt to do it in.

On worrying about how others perceive you:

That's the lesson that I want to impart to my daughter: It doesn't matter what people think of you—you have to be true to yourself.

Read the complete profile here. You can find HRC’s coming out, workplace and healthcare guides for transgender Americans here.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Lestat

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