Post submitted by Joyce Wu, HRC communications intern

This past May, the Puerto Rican legislature passed a bill banning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. Now, they are preparing to discuss two more sexual orientation- and gender-related bills put forth by Sen. Maria Gonzalez Lopez.

One of the bills seeks to overturn a local law that bans adoptions by same-sex couples. This law was upheld in a 5-4 decision by Puerto Rico’s Supreme Court in February, with the judges saying that it was the responsibility of legislators to amend the law if they found it necessary.

The other bill proposes a public school curriculum that would focus on gender issues, including sexual discrimination and domestic violence. While some of the objections to this bill are based on the belief that these issues should only be discussed in the home, Puerto Rico’s education secretary is cautious about the practicality of such legislation, given that the Department of Education has limited funding and resources.

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