In more than half of the states in this country, there is no state law preventing someone from being fired just for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

And with leaders in the House refusing to act on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, urgency is rising to help LGBT people facing everyday job discrimination.

We can't wait a single extra day – and that's why we need an executive order barring anti-LGBT discrimination inside companies that have contracts with the federal government.

So, while we urge House leaders to bring ENDA to a vote, we are also calling on President Obama to extend protections to 16 million more American workers by issuing an executive order right away.

Ask President Obama to issue this crucial executive order right away, and provide badly-needed workplace protections to millions of people.

Giving protections to employees of federal contractors would also help build momentum in the continuing effort to get the House to take up ENDA and make it the law of the land.

Federal contractors earn around $500 billion from federal taxpayers every year. Many of them already have non-discrimination policies in place, which means an executive order of this type wouldn't impose radical new rules. But many don’t, meaning they can in many cases freely discriminate against LGBT people with your taxpayer money.

Beyond that, an executive order would speed up the pace of change by declaring that our government will only award taxpayer dollars to companies with pro-equality workplace policies.

Right now, especially while the House Republican leaders are refusing to act, an end to any discrimination among federal contractors based on sexual orientation or gender identity is the next, natural step.

We need our army of over 1.5 million members and supporters to speak out and ensure that the momentum from ENDA's strong, bipartisan passage in the Senate continues.

Standing together, we can keep pushing the country we love to treat everyone equally.

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