Chai Feldblum; EEOC; Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionYesterday, the President nominated Chai Feldblum to serve a second term as a commissioner on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Her first term ends in July.

Appointments to the EEOC are critical to addressing workplace discrimination.  The EEOC investigates complaints of workplace discrimination and retaliation.  It is empowered to file discrimination suits against employers on behalf of alleged victims and to adjudicate claims of discrimination brought against federal agencies.

As her first term demonstrates, Ms. Feldblum is exceptionally well qualified to serve as a commissioner on the EEOC.  Prior to being appointed as a commission, Ms. Feldblum was a Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center from 1991 to 2011, where she founded the Law Center’s Federal Legislation and Administrative Clinic, a program designed to train students to become legislative lawyers.  She has been a leader in the areas of disability rights, health care and LGBT policy.  She is an expert on workplace policies and laws, and was a key drafter of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

As an openly lesbian woman, Ms. Feldblum is one of the many LGBT appointees in the Obama Administration.  For more information on openly LGBT appointments, please visit the Presidential Appointment Project at

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