In many ways, Generation Equality, the current generation of folks under thirty, who overwhelmingly support LGBT equality, is living in a world quite different from the previous generation. However, one of the things that hasn’t changed is the challenge of paying for higher education. For LGBT members of GenEQ, the challenge is even greater if upon coming out, their parents kick them out and stop paying for college. We know that President Obama was aware of the former challenge, but after a recent town hall, we learned he knows of the latter as well.

During the Binghamton, NY, stop on his higher education bus tour, the President was asked if his new plan to make paying for college more affordable would specifically help LGBT young people who had been cut off financially after coming out to their parents. He responded that current federal aid programs don’t and shouldn’t discriminate, and he didn’t foresee any special legislation addressing the topic. But he didn’t stop there – he went on to say he was concerned that some “parents haven’t gotten to the place I think they should be in terms of loving and supporting their kids.” But he showed optimism saying that this situation for LGBT students is “likely to happen less and less and less in each successive year.”

For those students who have lost of college funding for choosing to live their lives openly, and those simply looking for financial assistance in a tough economy, HRC’s Youth & Campus Engagement team has created a database of scholarships available to LGBT and allied students. Information on nearly 400 scholarships – national and school specific – is searchable by state.

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