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From a notepad to the homes of HRC supporters across the country, this year’s limited-edition HRC Holiday Ornament has had quite a journey.

Back in February, HRC’s Associate Director for Consumer Marketing Brad Mayer was doodling in his notepad when it struck him: seal of equality. In a flash, Brad sketched out what would become the design for this year’s hand-crafted ornament, a seal atop the HRC logo juggling holiday gifts. From Brad’s initial sketch, Joy To The World Collectables , based in Knoxville, Tennessee, began crafting and sculpting a 3D mockup to bring our playful seal to life.  Upon completion, the mockup is sent to leading craftsman in Eastern Europe where they begin the painstaking task of mouth blowing the glass into its final whimsical design. Each ornament is then hand-painted by skilled artisans who add life, luster and sparkling glitter!

Today, HRC is proud to present our 14th annual Holiday Ornament, Seal of Equality.

seal of equality ornament

seal of equality ornament sketch

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