Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Multiple polls released in the past year have shown that the majority of Americans support marriage equality, but according to survey results released today, hearts and minds are changing on a variety of other LGBT issues as well. 

The Washington Post-ABC News interactive poll shows 68 percent of Americans support NBA’s Jason Collins decision to come out, 63 percent support the end of the Boy Scouts' discriminatory ban of gay scouts, while 56 opposed BSA’s proposed resolution to continue to ban on gay leaders.  

Further, the poll, which surveyed a random national of 1,008 adults by telephone in May, puts support for the rights of loving, committed same-sex couples to marry at 55 percent.

There's still time to join HRC & call on the BSA to end their discriminatory ban on gay scouts and leaders. Take action now.  And to learn more about the work HRC is doing to bring marriage equality to your state, visit our Marriage Center.

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