​Post submitted by Noël Gordon, former HRC Senior Program Specialist for HIV Prevention and Health Equity.

Point Foundation is now accepting applications from LGBTQ students looking to make the world a fairer and better place for us all. First established in 2001, Point Foundation is the nation’s largest scholarship-granting organization to LGBTQ high school, college and university students.

Through mentorship, leadership development and community service, Point Foundation seeks to empower promising LGBTQ students to achieve their full potential despite the obstacles often put before them. A former Point scholar myself, I know firsthand the power of this small but tight-knit community. From helping me gain health insurance when no one else could to sending me hand-written holiday cards in the mail, Point Foundation cares deeply about each and every one of its scholars and alumni. I have yet to meet a Point scholar who is not uniquely talented and well-positioned to change the world

Point Scholarships are awarded on a "last provider" basis. In other words, Point Foundation fills in the gaps and provides funds not provided by other scholarships, grants, loans, work/study programs. Applications to become a Point scholar must be submitted by January 21, 2014. 

Apply today at http://www.pointfoundation.org/apply

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