The Washington PostIn an online chat last week for The Washington Post, advice columnist Steven Petrow shared some answers on same-sex weddings.

One of the questions was, “What to expect at my first gay wedding?”

Petrow answers that while the couple might be the same-sex, the wedding is, “… a ceremony of commitment and love before those whom support you — and your relationship.”

The only difference Petrow notes is the role of family. “For now, many same-sex couples who are marrying have been together for a while (sometimes decades) and aren’t looking to their moms, dads, aunts or uncles to pay for the shindig or to give them away. Then, sadly, some don’t have the support of their families,” Petrow writes.

Continue to read Petrow’s column, Civilities, on The Washington Post. To read the whole online chat, click here

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