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A western Pennsylvania school board has upheld the school administration’s decision to bar a transgender student from running for homecoming king.

Kasey Caron, a 17-year-old senior at Richland High School in Johnstown, Pa., says he was initially given the choice to run on the male ballot, but shortly before the vote was told by school administrators that under Pennsylvania law it would be illegal for him to run for king since his driver’s license identifies him as female.

Caron was then informed that, without his consent, his name had been placed on the ballot for homecoming queen.

Earlier this week, the Richland School Board declined to rule on Caron’s request, with board Solicitor Timothy Leventry stating, “No formal action is required due to the board agreeing with the previous decision of the administration.”

Caron asked the board to consider three other related measures: allowing him to wear the same color cap and gown as other male students at graduation, adding gender identity protections to the school’s anti-bullying policy, and creating a gay-straight alliance at Richland High School. Board President Michael Bodolosky did not commit to any action, stating that the board would take the issues under advisement.

This disappointing news follows on the heels of a transgender teenager making headlines after being crowned homecoming queen at her Southern California high school this weekend – and confronting bias in reaction to her inspiring accomplishment.

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