Post submitted by Chloe Stokes, HRC Digital Media Intern

Edie Windsor’s iconic walk down the steps of the Supreme Court has been preserved in the sweetest of ways. Windsor joins the 8 Justices of the Supreme Court in peep form for the Washington Post’s 2014 Peeps Diorama Contest. 

Contestant Rose Byrne decided to capture the historic moment for marriage equality for her submission to the annual contest. The diorama displays the end of the oral arguments in the Defense of Marriage Act case, where Edie Windsor was greeted with cheers from the crowd that gathered outside the Supreme Court.

The diorama also includes a map of the United States, color-coded based on which states had marriage equality at the time of the contest. For the states with pending cases for marriage equality in District courts, Byrne built spring-loaded doors that open to reveal smiling Peep couples inside.

Byrne donated the diorama to HRC’s headquarters in Washington, where it will be proudly displayed for the staff to admire.

Check out the Washington Post’s Peep Diorama Contest here.

peeps for marriage equality

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