Americans for workplace opportunity field organizers, ENDA postcards

This post comes from Latoya Holman, one of HRC’s National Board of Governors in Las Vegas. Latoya is a straight ally and the member of the HRC Las Vegassteering committee.

Just moments ago, Americans for Workplace Opportunity volunteers and staff delivered over 3600 postcards to Senator Dean Heller in his Las Vegas office. These postcards are from the thousands of Nevadans that support the employment non-discrimination act and the opportunity for LGBT Americans to be judged on their merits and not because of who they love.

Currently, in 29 states, lesbian and gay Americans can be fired; 34 states for transgender Americans, simply for being who they are. Nevada already provides these protections to LGBT Nevadans and now is the time to provide these protections for all Americans.

Our very own U.S. Senator, Majority Leader Harry Reid, has indicated his strong support of this legislation and his intention to bring up the bill before Thanksgiving. It’s time for our other Senator to do the same and stand with the thousands of Nevadans, Las Vegas’ former mayor, Jan Jones, and the many businesses and corporations that already provide these protections.

It’s not too late to make your voice heard. Senator Reid indicated that a vote on ENDA could happen as early as next week. Make sure you call Senator Heller at 866.439.8155 and let him know all Americans deserve these protections.

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