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Over 110 House Members Call for Executive Order Protecting LGBT Federal Workers
Congressmen Frank Pallone, Jr. and Jared Polis led 110members of the House today in sending a letter calling on President Obama to issue an executive order prohibiting contractors without sexual orientation and gender identity anti-discrimination policies from receiving federal funds.
An executive order would ensure that hundreds of thousands of LGBT federal contract employees — 20 percent of the American workforce -- could work without fear of being fired for who they are and whom they love.
HRC applauds the leaders in the House for speaking out on behalf of LGBT Americans. In February Senator Jeff Merkley led 37 Senators in sending a similar letter to the President.
Support for workplace protections has grown in Congress in just one year, with 38 more members than a similar effort introduced last year.
Currently there is no federal law protecting LGBT individuals from employment discrimination. It is legal in 29 states to discriminate based on sexual orientation and in 34 states to do so based ongender identity or expression.

President Obama can issue the order barring LGBT discrimination by federal contractors now but he needs to hear from you. Send a letter now.

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