ENDA campaign organizers, equalityToday, I had the opportunity to meet in Philadelphia with HRC's partners at Equality Pennsylvania, Freedom to Marry, the ACLU of Pennsylvania, and ACLU national. Our meeting took place in the ACLU of Pennsylvania's office in the historic Bourse Building in downtown Philadelphia - across from the Liberty Bell. This location was highly appropriate as we plotted a path towards liberty for all Pennsylvanians.

Equality Pennsylvania's focus on passing a statewide nondiscrimination bill, ACLU of Pennsylvania's recent lawsuit to secure marriage equality in the state, and HRC's current focus on securing Senator Toomey's "yes" vote on ENDA gave us plenty to discuss during the day. While we know the path towards victory varies in length depending on the issue, we also know we get there more quickly when we all work together on our shared goals.

I look forward to our continued conversations as we move Pennsylvania forward to join the movement of states that recognize and protect all families and individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.


Pictured: HRC regional field director Lynne Bowman with Ted Martin from Equality Pennsylvania, Sara Mullen and Melissa Morris of ACLU of Pennsylvania, and Selene Kaye of the National ACLU. Not pictured - Shawn Werner of Freedom to Marry.

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