Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

Yesterday was an incredible day here in Oregon as we launched the campaign to collect the 116,284 signatures necessary to bring marriage equality to a vote in 2014. The Oregon United for Marriage team had our action center set up by 5am to prepare for some of the over 1100 volunteers that had signed up to be a part of this weekend of action all across the state, and when the 6am kick-off came around it was clear we had the momentum.

Surrounded by all the major Oregon news networks, more than double the number of volunteers who RSVP'd showed up and several more came down after seeing early morning coverage who wanted to be a part of the action!

The work is still going on as I write this, with 14 action centers all across the state working to collect 10,000 petition signatures in our first 10 days. If you or your friends live in Oregon, go to for all the information you need to start collecting signatures and fill a petition out yourself!

Trevor Chandler is a Senior Regional Field Organizer with HRC. He is on the ground for the duration of the campaign working with the team at OUM to secure marriage equality for all Oregonians.

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